We offer therapy for individuals, couples, and families struggling with any issues related to technology overuse and addiction.

The treatment is provided by licensed and practicing professionals in a confidential and caring capacity. We use various treatment modalities to accommodate the individual preferences and personality of the peoples we help. We offer in-home treatment services and remote session access through video conferencing.

All calls and inquiries are confidential and screened by a trained and licensed health professional. Our network of licensed health professionals will effectively diagnose and treat a wide variety of addiction and mental health issues.




Technology is essential in our lives. We need it to work, to communicate, to strive, and to grow. However, too much of anything, can cause problems. Reboot & Recover strives to assist those being negatively affected by technology misuse and to educate the community of the negative impacts technology overuse creates.

How we measure success

Individual life circumstances.
Identifying goals for treatment, attaining those goals and getting to a point of not feeling shame/negative emotions.


Being able to manage technology use properly, while balancing friends, family and one's future goals.

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