Gambling in Gaming Prevention Program

A first of it's kind, this evidence informed prevention program developed by Dr. Stephanie Diez-Morel examines the impact of how gambling in gaming and the internet affect youth. This prevention curriculum uses a trauma informed teaching and learning approach and emphasizes social emotional learning to engage youth.

Program Objectives

• Understand the prosocial benefits and potential harms associated with gaming

• Foster awareness of the continuum of problematic behaviors and gaming disorder

• Review the psychological, physiological, social, and environmental issues and beliefs associated with gaming and gambling disorder

• Develop awareness of the convergence with gaming and gambling

• Discuss common gambling mechanics intentionally included in video games across all platforms including game design elements and monetization models

• Create awareness of problematic internet media use (PIMU) and it’s connection to problem gaming and gambling

• Identify mental health issues/concerns often associated with gambling in gaming and PIMU

• Share solutions for creating a balanced media diet to empower autonomous decision making and implement protective factors against the development of problematic gambling, gaming, and PIMU

Project Details

What risk or protective factors does the program address?

Protective Factors

• Effective coping mechanisms

• Mental health support/understanding

• Increasing critical thinking/rationalization

• Increasing social support systems

Risk Factors

• Mental health issues/concerns

• Maladaptive coping

• Lack of social support

• Lack of autonomy/decision making

Review the Quick Fact Sheet for more information:

What best practices does the program utilize?

The program utilizes two best practices for the framework which are:

• Social emotional learning theory

• Trauma informed teaching and learning approach

What populations and ages does this program focus on?

Middle and high school aged youth  11 – 18 years old

Evidenced informed and evaluated for effectiveness

The results of a statewide program evaluation indicated that the Gambling in Gaming and Problematic Internet Media Use prevention program was found to be an effective prevention intervention for increasing knowledge about problem gambling in gaming, decreasing risk factors, increasing knowledge of problematic internet media use and supporting youth's resiliency.

The evaluation of the program was completed with 1,420 middle and high school aged youth. The prevention program effectively decreased gambling in gaming related risk factors and gambling in gaming engagement amongst youth who completed the program.

When purchasing the license for the Gambling in Gaming prevention program you will receive the following content and instruction:

• 1 hour of recorded video instruction

• Up to 2 hours of instructor lead content

• 1 hour of direct training for administering the content provided by Dr. Diez-Morel to the agent(s)/instructor(s)

• Additional instructor lead activities developed using a social emotional learning lens for engagement of content and active discussion with participants

• Scientifically designed pre and post knowledge assessment questions for your own program evaluation

Cost for licensing of all included materials that will grant your entire organization the right to utilize the content is $350.

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